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For a product called Purity Vodka, one can only expect it to stand out from the rest, and the good thing is, this vodka doesn’t disappoint. Purity isn’t one of the many vodkas in the world whose smoothness is up to the extent of being tasteless. Or just another over-hyped average spirit in a fancy bottle — it’s one product that actually lives up to its claims and accolades.

WHAT IS PURITY VODKA - dandy in the bronx
What is Purity Vodka?

Purity Vodka has always had the drive to produce an exceptional spirit that relies on three things; artistry, dedication and a vision of being the best of the best. It’s not called The Elevated Spirit for nothing.

So if you’ve been hearing about the fame and excellence of Purity but haven’t gotten a chance to learn more about what makes it superior to the herd, this post is for you!

Ready for the journey? Let’s get started!

Where is Purity Vodka Made?

Purity which is billed as the world’s most award-winning ultra-premium vodka is produced in Sweden. The vodka is made from winter wheat and malted barley and also boasts an exceptional distillation process which truly makes the difference. Speaking of which, Purity is distilled an incredible 34 times knocking out other vodkas that only distills five times or less. Moreover, just 10% of the original liquid is used for the final product, making it one of the purest Swedish elixir that requires zero filtration. In essence, this vodka isn’t filtered — it’s simply blended with water and bottled. The good thing is, unfiltered vodkas typically retain more flavor and character than filtered ones, so you can be sure that Purity Vodka will take your favorite cocktail to a whole new level of awesomeness.

WHAT IS PURITY VODKA - dandy in the bronx
How is Purity Vodka Produced?

Everything is made possible by the ingenuity of Thomas Kuuttanen, the Master Blender of Purity Vodka. Essentially, Thomas aims for the very heart of the spirit, and its spectacular taste is derived from just two organic ingredients — winter wheat and malted barley.

The process starts by combining the organic winter wheat and malted barley in a custom built 600-liter copper still — the ingredients will be warmed gently until the vapor is collected. It then goes through a continuous refining process until the very heart of the vodka is left.

For the most part, the first cut is reached after 17 distillations and continues until the Master’s cut reaches 34 distillations, making it the best and most refined spirit in the world. Finally, each blend is mixed with mineral-rich, pure Swedish water to produce the true Elevated Spirit.

WHAT IS PURITY VODKA - dandy in the bronx
Awards and Accolades

For vodka mixed in a unique copper still and distilled a whopping 34 times, one can only expect it to have loads of awards to its name. For the most part, Purity has been racking up awards the world over, and it’s all thanks to its exceptional taste and unparalleled smoothness. At the moment, Purity has amassed over 150 gold medals in international tasting awards right from 2011 to 2017! It won straight Gold in Asian Spirit Masters 2017 and also won Best Vodka 2017 in the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2017. We recommend you check out their site if you’re looking to behold the exhaustive excellence of this exceptional spirit — Thomas’s alchemy is truly without compare!
All in all, Purity is not your regular Vodka — its unique distillation process and impressive awards are enough proof! It’s the best thing that could happen to your favorite cocktail — don’t hesitate to get your hands on one if you’re itching to experience the crystal clear perfection! Drink Responsibly.

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