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Dandy In The Bronx started in 2014 as a place to show my love for menswear and my home, The Bronx. Since then, I’ve grown my audience, worked with awesome brands and have been able to experience things I never could have imagined. None the less, being able to revel in quality moments is important. Join me.

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There is nothing like the feeling of knowing you created something

Creating content on my own is my quality moment. I work with many amazing photographers, but sometimes I try shooting on my own so I can learn more about what goes on when creating photographs. From finding the right place to shoot, figuring out the lighting, getting the shot, and then putting it all together, it’s a process that lets me fully examine my passion. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing you created something. Whether or not people enjoy it, just the fact that you made it, keeps me going.

Alford and Hoff

drive and perseverance are core values

Although I have achieved a lot with Dandy In The Bronx, I know I must continue to work hard. Alford & Hoff shares this sense of dedication. An Alford & Hoff man is driven, and although he has become successful, he continues to strive towards new goals and accomplishments. Alford & Hoff are actual people, Barry Alford and Jefferson Hoffman, former athletes and businessmen, so it makes sense why drive and perseverance are core values for the brand. Alford & Hoff is all about reaching for those quality moments.

Alford & Hoff

it gives you the confidence to be the pioneer of your life

I have been on a wood kick recently, and my fragrance of choice from Alford & Hoff has been the Signature Fragrance. The aromatic power of fresh citrus and intoxicating herbs, immediately sets this fragrance apart. When your clothes and your smell come together, it gives you the confidence to be the pioneer of your life.

Thanks Alford & Hoff for the idea for this post. You can find them at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and AAFES Military Exchanges, visit them to learn more and purchase online now.

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