In part three of my series of using the HP Spectre in my everyday life, I examine how it continues to act as creative inspiration.

 using the HP SpectreAs my blog grows, so have my responsibilities

As my blog grows, so have my responsibilities. I’m not just working for Dandy In The Bronx, but I’m also working with brands and clients I need to content for and manage. I spend the day location scouting, answering emails, pitching ideas, and of course, creating. This requires tools to keep up with my busy lifestyle, and the HP Spectre has been a perfect fit for this in the three months of me using it. At just 10.4mm thin – the width of a AAA battery – and weighing in at only 2.5lbs, carrying the HP Spectre along with my DSLR has been a blessing.
 using the HP Spectre

If I’m not creating, I’m not living

The HP Spectre has also shown me my obsession, creating. I love creating, and creating a lot at once. The HP Spectre has allowed me to multitask (I’m the one with over 9000 tabs opened) and start new projects, like my YouTube channel. If I’m not creating, I’m not living.

 using the HP Spectre

This kind of engineering inspires you

Built from carbon fiber and a mix of ash-colored matte aluminum with glossy copper trim and details, truly makes it stand-out and gets the creative juices flowing. It’s great when your tools also become a part of the aesthetic. Clearly I need to start wearing more black and gold.

What will I be creating next? The HP Spectre has taught me that the tools are as important as the creation process itself. Check out my initial reactions of the HP Spectre here and here. Have any questions? Let me know!

using the HP Spectre

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