Here’s what I do to keep my skin 💯. Since I plan on looking like this forever, I have to make sure I follow a regimen to keep my skin healthy. 😎 Here is a skin care regimen for men you could follow.

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Play the video above to see my skin care regimen.


1. Cleanse

I bet you’ve heard that word a lot, it just means washing your face with something. I start with LAB Series All-In-One Cleansing gel. This is probably the most basic thing that you’re already doing.

2. Mask

Use a clay mask 1-2x a week to deeply purify and detoxify the skin. I usually save this step for Sunday night before going to bed. I’m using LAB Series for Men – Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask.

3. Treat

Not shown. I did’t realize I ran out when I started filming haha. Water Lotion, like LAB’s Rescue Water Lotion – help to balance and refresh skin. Apply using a cotton pad and sweep across face and neck.

4. Energize

This is a new thing from LAB I’ve been trying out. It’s LAB’s Solid Water Essence. It’s a great additional step to supply the skin with extra hydration and energy. This step is always after the water lotion/toner step and before serum, both morning and night and also throughout the day. To use, just apply a few pumps into the palm of your hand, rub between both hands and then pat into the skin

5. Moisturize

Both day and night; use a lighter formula for the day and a more hydrating formula at night; beneficial to use a formula with SPF during the day as well! I’m using LAB’s Age Rescue+ Water-Charged Gel Cream.


After all that, my skin still gets pretty greasy throughout the day. I use LAB Series Power Pore Anti-Shine and Treatment around my T-Zone. The T-Zone is the part of your face that is made up of the forehead, nose, chin and area circling the mouth. It’s a life saver. Might have to do a post just about that soon.

So what do you do to keep your skin healthy? Let me know below!

Ever since I’ve started blogging, LAB Series has been sending me stuff to try out. Thanks for all the support! You can find LAB Series on Amazon and their official website.

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    Such great tips bro!