Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

When you are always wearing shirts, a problem you may come across is the “mushrooming” of the shirt. It just won’t stay tucked in. However, there is a solution, check out KK & Jay Shirttail garters and learn how to keep that shirt tucked In.

Sure, you tuck it in

Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

You try to get every inch, right?

Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

everything comes undone

All great right? But as soon as you move, everything comes undone. And later on through the day, your whole shirt might become untucked!

Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

Enter the shirttail garter

Well there is a solution to that. Enter the shirttail garter. A shirttail garter’s purpose is to keep your shirt tucked in. Today I am reviewing two shirttail garters (or shirt stays).

Hero’s Pride Standard Shirt Stays with Locking Clamps – on Amazon

Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

KK & Jay Shirttail Garters – on KK&

Keep Your Shirt Tucked In - KK & Jay

So I start with Hero’s Pride shirt stays. This is a four part system that involves attaching the clamps to your shirt and sock (the front and back)

Keep Your Shirt Tucked In - wearing shirt stays

will get stuck to your hair sometimes

They do the job, but if you are hairy, the clamps will get stuck to your hair sometimes. It is also cumbersome to put on because of the four parts. This also makes it a hassle if you have to take them off quickly. They are adjustable and fairly strong. You will be aware of your legs at all times because of the four straps coming down your legs.

Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

That shirt isn’t going anywhere.

Secondly, we have KK & Jay Shirt Tail Garters. As opposed to Hero’s Pride, which only comes in black, KK & Jay’s come in a variety of colors and styles. The one I have is the Jackson Dot Yellow.

Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

Keep Your Shirt Tucked In - kk & jay

Instead of four parts, KK & Jay only uses two, which really cuts down on prep time.

There are no metal clamps here, so it won’t get caught on your hair. It also has this cool leather part that’s called the “STAY TUCKED STABILIZER.”

KK & Jay definitely wins for style, but does it keep you tucked in?

Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

Yes, most definitely. So which one did I like?

Hero’s Pride, while very utilitarian, didn’t speak to my style. Also having four straps made it hard to put on at times and it’s metal clamps would catch my hair. When you are walking you are constantly aware of the the straps on your legs.

KK & Jay Shirttail Garters look fashionable and work as intended. They don’t include metal clamps, so my hair is safe. Also, because it’s only two straps instead of four, they are not riding on your legs all the time. You will know they are there, but it’s easier on your legs.

So far, KK & Jay Shirt Tail Garters are the winners for me. I’ll be wearing these all week so I’ll be constantly updating on my experience. Follow me on @DandyInTheBronx on Twitter and DandyInTheBronx on Instagram to see how it’s going. If you have any questions leave me a comment!

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