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Dollar Shave Club. You may have heard of them from that viral video of theirs way back when. They are also known for their $1 a month blades.

I used to pay for really expensive blades, the $20-$30 a set kind. I tried an electric razor but the shaves weren’t close enough.

So when I saw $1 a month for a 5 pack, I was surprised. They even give you a handle for free. What kind of witchcraft is that? I am a big fan of magic, so I had to try it.

When I started, I went for the first tier option. I used the Humble Twin (the one with the blue head). 2 stainless steel blades with a Lubricating strip soothes the skin. It honestly gave a great shave and it was good enough for my chest and nether regions as well!

As I developed a beard, I had less need for blades every month. I was glad to find out that you can pause your subscription and even change the frequency of your deliveries. I have mine sent every 2 months.

DSC has two more tiers of shave. The silver head has 4 stainless steel blades (aka the 4X  and the navy head has 6 stainless steel blades (aka the Executive) and Aloe, Vitamin E, and lavender lubricating strip to calm sensitive skin. Pretty much everything for your skin. I’ve been ok with the Humble Twin, but if I need a closer shave anywhere on my body, I know I can move up tiers.

Now, I was really happy with just the blades. But to my surprise, DSC started to introduce a whole slew of shaving products and more.

Like, I never have to buy shaving stuff again ever.

Let Dr. Carver’s shave butter marinate on your face, chest, or neither regions and the shave instantly becomes easy mode.

This Dr. Carver thought of everything didn’t he? He also made a Magnanimous Post Shave. This stuff is soothing, calming & hydrating on the skin. It also made me Google the word “magnanimous.”

Now, in addition to being a doctor, Mr. Carver also happens to be a White Mage in his spare time and makes healing potions. This potion is called Miracle Repair Serum. Use this after a shave and it fights in grown hairs, clams skins, and makes the redness go away. I guess I was right about all the witchcraft.

Now for my favorite product is the new Dollar Shave Club hair products. More specially, the casual hair clay.

Yea, I’ve been using it. My hair has been styled by this for the past month. The cool thing is they have a quiz for what hair product most fits your needs. The quiz recommend this one because of its strong hold and low shine. I can set this for these products to be delivered to me every 2 months and it makes my shopping life a bit easier. Definitely a recommendation.

What do you think of Dollar Shave Club? Have you tried it? Have any questions for me? Let me know!

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