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Shopping for shirts is still a hassle for me. The medium is too large or the small is too small. A shirt will have the perfect neck size for me but be baggy. Another shirt will be tight enough for me but I will be unable to button the top. Another problem is my chest. The middle button will pop out because of of it.



When I wrote this, I have never had my shirts tailored, so I was looking for bespoke option.

I use Uber often and I saw a deal for a free custom shirt from this startup called Knot Standard. The deal was I had to use Uber three times in New York City. Easy.

I received my voucher for the coupon a few days later. Here I had a few options. Since the shirts are custom sizes, you have to input the sizes yourself.
Luckily, knot standard has an office in NYC. I made an apportionment and arrived to the location. The person I was suppose to meet was running late and wasn’t going to make it. Kareem took the helm and helped me a lot. He was down the earth. After a quick sizing, he offered suggestions on fabrics and styles for my shirt. I went for slim fit, spread collar, rounded single cuff , 2 buttons (on the site is says square, buy you can mention to make it rounded in the upgraded section).
He made a personal account for me on the website and shipped my order. It took about two weeks for it to arrive. When I first put it on I immediately felt difference. It fit me. I mentioned to Kareem that the neck could be a little bit bigger, but I could manage. It was already light years ahead of my off the rack shirts in terms of fit.



I order a second one right on the spot. This time, it was white, bigger neck, straight collar, and monogrammed on the collar.

Also, if the shirt doesn’t work the first time around they offer some money to get it tailored!

trying knot standard


trying knot standard


trying knot standard




Do I recommend it?


Especially if you have a weird body type, you want a tailored fit option.
You want a shirt that has all the features that you want.
You want a button down collar, wide cuffs so your big watch can fit, and monogrammed on the cuff? It’s now possible.
Great customer service.


Can be expensive if you are not used to paying this much for shirts.
You have a body type that off the rack shirts fit perfectly.

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