CARDINAL HAYES CAREER DAY 2017 with Robert Foothorap

All about giving back. I was honored to be a part of my high school’s Career Day. I was able to share my experiences as a blogger with the future.

I graduated Hayes in 2004. I’ve been through a lot since then and deciding to be a blogger. I wanted to share some tips to the class of 2018 on how I got here. I also paired up with Robert Foothorap, a marketer for BET and class of 1985, to drop some knowledge. Here are some of my tips for high schoolers who are graduating.


What Happens After Graduation?

Go to college, meet new people, get experience. It’s about making use of the resources around you. Colleges have tons of resources to make use of no matter what path you take. You will also meet like-minded people, find those you vibe with and will help you grow. Start working on what you already want to be doing.

How Did I Get There?

I go in-depth on how I got into blogging here. Basically, while teaching I posted enough suit outfits to get notices by brands. I then did a major life pivot by taking more classes in Digital Marketing.

What Do I Do?

I’ve worn a lot of hats. For example, as a Social Media Manager, I’ve organized, created, and scheduled content for brands. I’ve done some consulting, which means I advise brands on how to use social media or about influencer marketing. I’ve also done some digital marketing. Everything is about content and marketing for me.

You Build Your Own Career Path

You must figure it out for yourself. Where you want to go? What do you want to do? How to get there? When I wanted to be a teacher, I started early. I joined clubs about education and worked summers at schools. I tried my best to keep in contact with my old teachers for help. When I got into blogging, I took classes in Digital Marketing and interned at fashion start ups.

Stay Focused

Don’t jump around too much! What’s that one thing you want to do? When I was a teacher, I went all in. When I got into blogging, I went all in. Be dedicated to your goals and work on them.

On Getting Your First Job

You are going to have to build up experience. Just do it! Volunteer (but be serious about it!) Do it as your hobby. Find someone to shadow. Create your own job.


Thank you Cardinal Hayes for having me back to share some of my experiences at Career Day. Hope to be there next year! Remember, whatever you want to be doing, just do it, and start early. However, don’t worry if you haven’t figured it out yet. Just focus on whatever it is, and stay on path. Look for help, there is always someone out there who is doing the same thing. If any Hayesmen at Career Day want to get in touch, you can find me on Instagram at @dandyinthebronx.

Thanks for reading, y’all stay dandy. 😎

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  • Jamelle Sanders

    I’m so proud of you bro! Keep up the awesome work!