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In my new series, BEING A BLOGGER, I’m going to tackle some of the most frequently asked questions I get about being a blogger. Today we are talking about getting gigs. One way to get gigs is by working through an Influencer Agency. Let’s check out Collectively.

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Hey Diego! How do you get gigs with brands?

An Influencer Agency is one way to get gigs when you are a blogger. They work with brands on their behalf when brands are launching their campaigns. A campaign can be describe as a marketing push the brand is doing. Maybe they have a new product or event coming up and are looking for ways to advertise it. A brand will go to an agency like Collectively to help them connect with the most relevant content creators to help promote the campaign. For example, I had an amazing experience thanks to Collectively a few summers ago when HP launched a campaign promoting their new laptops. HP was a sponsor at NYC Panorama music festival. Part of the campaign involved not only getting a new laptop but also getting to go to Panorama!

I’ve never been to a music festival before this. Collectively not only gives me chances to make a living as a blogger, but also a chance to have amazing experiences. I got go to a music festival and see Sia, Run The Jewels, and LCD Soundsystem! I also tried my hand at vlogging via Snapchat in the video above. Experiences like these let me try out new things for blogging and challenge myself at creating content.

When you get involved in a campaign, you are given an outline of what you need to do and by when. Collectively has clear outlines of what you need to do and you can either accept it or message them about your ideas. You then work with someone at Collectively to make sure do you everything needed for the brand and if you need help with anything. For example, I was asked to:

Go to Panorama music festival and post while I was there and to check out HP’s tent

Post about using HP’s new laptop in my everyday life

This campaign lasted about three months. It gave me a chance to use a brand new laptop for blogging and it really made life a bit easier. This opportunity couldn’t have came at a better time as I was really starting to blog a lot more and carrying around a heavy laptop to events was becoming a burden.

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To be even considered for gigs like this, be sure to check out the influencer agency’s site. On their site, they usually have a place for influencers to join. Check out Collectively here and go to the section labeled: Influencer Community.  Collectively has helped me be a part of challenging and fun campaigns throughout the years I’ve been blogging. They’ve connected me with brands that not only fit the type of content I create, but also makes sense for Dandy In The Bronx as a brand. Sometimes, it’s not always menswear, but that’s the best part. I get to try new things and my audience gets to see new things. If you are getting into blogging, check out Collectively for more info.

using the HP Spectre working with an agency
To make sure to get good gigs, make sure your niche is obvious. I am a menswear / lifestyle blogger based in The Bronx, NY who sometimes speaks Spanish. What are you? Have all your social media channels up to date, as they will ask how many followers you have on all of them. Also work on your blog! They ask about that and how many hits you are getting. As a blogger, I recommend having a presence everywhere, especially on a blog.  If you have any more questions about getting gigs, let me know below!

Thanks for reading, y’all stay dandy. 😎

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