Phunky Feet Socks Launch gift idea

Socks are important part of any menswear fan’s wardrobe. You need socks for different different outfits and you don’t want to be repeating too often. I got to check out Phunky Feet, a new monthly sock subscription with a unique twist. Socks are deigned by new artists every month  game. Connect to artists and by support them with your slick new socks. Also a great art socks gift idea.

art socks gift idea

accessories make the outfit

So as many of you all know, I am a strong believer of the idea that accessories make the outfit. They can truly make or break one’s ensemble. So I was really excited when I got the opportunity to check out Phunky Feet Socks and see what they are all about. Since we are in the midst of the winter season, previewing their socks could not have come at a better time, especially in this really cold NYC weather.

art socks gift idea

designed by local American artists

High quality and visually creative men’s socks have become a huge trend in men’s fashion these past couple of years and it is definitely one that is here to stay. From basketball players, to actors, to Kardashians, everyone is trying to get in on the sock game. And who would blame them? Socks are a fun and easy way to update your look by giving you a unique edge, even while you are sitting down! But only one company stands out, and that is definitely Phunky Feet Socks. Phunky Feet is totally different than your average sock retailer. They are a subscription based sock service printed here in the U.S, designed by local American artists. Each month, a different artist‘s work is showcased through these amazingly well made cotton socks. And these are not your typical run of the mill artists. Phunky Feet accepts submissions from a wide array of artists, ranging from graphic artists to tattoo artists, to photographers to oil painters. What is even cooler is the fact that the real artists themselves actually get commission, making this company an all around true innovator in not only fashion, but art as well, combing two of my favorite interests. Talk about supporting American products and local artists! Double win for local businesses and art!

You are literally wearing art

I know what you’re probably thinking. With so many box subscription companies out there, why choose them? Well for starters, they’re rates are super affordable, starting at less than $16 a month. A great pair of superiorly made socks in a cool unique print is a fresh and relatively inexpensive way to breathe life into your outfit, whether you are dressing down or dressing up. This is an important factor for me when I invest in accessories because I need to make sure that I can get multiple usages, but still look put together and dandy, whether it’s with a suit for work or with a sport jacket and jeans on a casual Sunday. I was going through some of the prints, and I particularly liked a graffiti inspired print, and a space inspired print. I felt that these styles were so versatile, in yet so one of a kind, that they were really an awesome way to show my individuality in an unexpected way. You are literally wearing art, and who can compete with an outfit like that? And what could be easier than having them sent directly to your door, a phunky phresh new pair each week? That is definitely some dandy delivery indeed.

Art socks gift idea

Affordable? Check. Easy Access ? Check. Quality? Check. Wearable Art? Check. Phunky Phresh? Definitely check. We’re ready to rock our socks off! Check out Phunky Feet here.

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