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My name is Diego. Bronxite, Latino, Creator. I began as an educator, specifically early childhood education. The menswear love started as I tried to dress well for my students as they all wore uniforms at the school I worked at. I felt it was important as they were dressed up, why not their teacher? I dived into instagram, tumblr, blogs, to learn what made menswear, menswear. As I learned, I wanted to share what I picked up along the way. So then the selfies started.

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A post shared by Diego León (@whydiegowhy) on

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Simple stuff like this. Nothing professional, just showing the new style I was developing. I started dressing like this all the time. I would frequent electronic shows a lot and developed a sort of reputation because of how I dressed. Yes, I’ve moshed in a suit.

During that time, I also met Nathaniel Adams. An electronic musician and a dandy. Dandy? I needed to learn more.

And Dandy In The Bronx was born.

I made menswear focused Instagram account and as I started to post my style more, the offers came in. A tie here, a sock there, all because of my Instagram. I knew I had something here. After three years of teaching I decided to leave and try my hand at blogging. I took a class on digital marketing at General Assembly and here we are.

Dandy In The Bronx is all about learning and bringing it back to the Bronx. I still consider myself an educator, but now my instead of teaching patterns, we are talking about the best fabrics for summer weather.


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My stop is Hunts Point along the six line. This line has been my gateway to the rest of the city. Without the six, how would I get anywhere? As a Bronxite, I’m used to traveling to everything. 10~20 minute walks to work never existed for me. So the train and I became good friends.


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Growing up, Manhattan was always the goal. You don’t stay in the Bronx. You go to school, go to college, get a great job, move to Manhattan. Then Brooklyn happened. I remember when I got back from college and someone asked me to go to a party in Brooklyn. I laughed. I don’t want to get jumped! People would say the same about The Bronx.

Gentrification happened.

The Bronx is at an important point right now. I’m worried something similar might happen to us. While things like gentrification may be inevitable, let the people of The Bronx lead that path. There has always been art, music, creative scene in The Bronx, hell, we invented hip hop. It’s now the time to tell these stories.

What I hope to do with Dandy In The Bronx is show that that anyone in The Bronx can do this and then be able to bring it back to the Bronx. Too many talented people leave this brough. I want to show that it’s all possible here. I’ll go to a press preview in Manhattan for Timberland and rock their new tims in The Bronx. Bring it home. 

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